About Creeds Farm Living & Learning Centre

Creeds Farm is a Community Governed Organisation

Creeds Farm Living & Learning Centre had it's Annual General Meeting on 24 November 2014.

Part of the meeting included a special resolution to accept a new set of rules for the organisation, as required by Community Affairs Victoria.

The membership also voted in the new Board of Management.

The Annual Report and the new Rules can be found here.

Community Development

One of the strengths of Creeds Farm Living & Learning Centre is its dignified method of Community Development in program development and governance.

The CFLLC's approach respects the diversity of participants and promotes social inclusion for the purpose of individual health & wellbeing, as well as community safety.

Early engagement with community members has been on the agenda from the outset, and remains vital to the establishment of the Living & Learning Centre.

The construction, design, programming and governance of the educational Centre have all been underpinned by CD principles.

Lifelong Learning situated within a 'hub' of early childhood services, CFLLC has the scope to initiate and support lifelong learning beginning from the earliest years and beyond.

The Centre's relationships with educational institutions, industry representatives and community organisations establishes a spectrum of opportunities for all educational & skill development needs, regardless of age or interest.

Early Community Infrastructure

Research findings by RMIT's Centre for Applied Social Research identified the City of Whitlesea as being an Interface Council - recognising it as having overstretched community infrastructure, and placed high importance on social planning and infrastructure provision as identified support required for the community.

The timely location and development of Creeds Farm Living & Learning Centre is therefore idyllic in marrying the demands of the rapid industrial growth in the Northern Corridor with the challenges of the current economic climate, in an area with such high demands.

The communities at CFLLC's doorstep are at the very beginning of their growth cycles, attracting a significant number of younger families, couples and first home-owners into the area.

The need for increased services and facilities and for more flexible and innovative approaches to service delivery continues to grow in these contrasting circumstances throughout Whittlesea.

Economic Outcomes

Based on the evidence of varying research and above aforementioned consultations, a preliminary list of opportunities and solutions for economic issues in North Epping (based on feedback from Whittlesea Community Futures partners and key developers in the corridor) include:

  • Economic development opportunities - Encourage the use of local labour and establish a group training company to promote employment linkages with the Cooper Street Employment precinct.
  • Industry focused job skilling centre - Support development of training curriculum to encourage learning about construction, urban development and sustainability.

Establishment Project Partners

The concept, design & implementation of Creeds Farm Living & Learning Centre has incorporated the partnership of 5 different organisation, being:

The City of Whittlesea

The City of Whittlesea Council values co-ordination and shared outcomes in order to achieve the best outcome for its communities.

Council is preparing itself for significant development in a number of growth areas in the coming years including Epping North's Aurora, the largest sustainable master-planned community in Victoria.

The Hornery Institute

The Hornery Institute is an independent, boutique agency specialising in community planning and development and offering a "people centred" approach to the development of places.

The mission of The Hornery Institute articulates its broader purpose as "making communities better places to live, learn, work and play".

The Hornery Institute aspire to create the best outcomes for the community by making connections and working in partnership with the appropriate stakeholders.

Melbourne Citymission

Melbourne Citymission are widely respected for their ability to broker and lead ground breaking collaborations between communities, government, business and the not-for-profit sectors, as well as addressing critical social and economic issues in neighbourhoods where poverty, unemployment, abuse and exclusion are entrenched and intergenerational.

The North East Neighbourhood House Network

The North East Neighbourhood House Network facilitates co-ordination and linkages within the network membership and the wider community service system, provides support and resourcing to member houses, and advocates on behalf of the membership at a community, Local and State Government level.

VicUrban (now Places Victoria)

VicUrban is the Victorian Government's sustainable urban development agency committed to delivering prosperous and successful communities in regional and metropolitan Victoria.

VicUrban works in partnership with the public and private sector and takes a leadership role in urban developments across metropolitan and regional Victoria.

CFLLC has positioned itself to be an innovative conduit between community & industry – to deliver community educational programs

Centre Manager

Creeds Farm Living & Learning Centre – Epping North

The Board of Management of Creeds Farm Living and Learning Centre welcomes our new Centre Manager who will work alongside the Board and our culturally diverse local community to foster community involvement, connection and ownership of Creeds Farm Living and Learning Centre.

Creeds Farm is a new centre situated in an emerging growth corridor community; the Centre has recently transitioned to a community governed Board which has been in operation for the past three years. Creeds Farm is one of five living and evolving Eco-Demonstration Centres in the Greener Houses Network.

The Manager and volunteers will facilitate the Centre's contribution to building a strong, vibrant and connected community.

The Manager's key responsibilities include:

  • Facilitate & support community members & organisations to work collaboratively to provide local opportunities.
  • Be responsible for all aspects of the day-to-day operation of the centre, which includes a part time CoWorking centre.
  • Resource and support the expansion of the community governance of the organisation.